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Who we are

Established in 1999, CCMedia is a multinational digital marketing company dedicated to providing the most advanced and complete digital marketing services based on its core strength of web analytics. Radiating our influence from offices in Taipei, Seoul and Beijing, we are now firmly as the leading web analytics solution provider in North Asia and committed to be your global partner in new media.

Who our customers are

In this customer-centric and highly competitive Internet era, websites have become an important image as well as an essential channel for offering services and doing business. Obviously, an effective web analytics solution is necessary for enterprises, government agencies, or non-profit organizations. CCMedia's web analytics solution has received strong recognition from large enterprise users in various major industries, including finance, banking, dot-com, e-business, logistics, manufacturing, and government. With over 50% share in the Korean e-business software market, CCMedia boasts prominent customers such as Samsung, Hyundai, LG, and eBay.

What we offer

WebNibbler is a web analytics solution with complete e-marketing analysis capabilities that are easy to use, install, and maintain.

WebNibbler features a sensible and user-friendly interface. You can quickly learn how to apply WebNibbler in solving your problems and acquiring the strategic information needed to increase efficiency. For example, which female members between the ages of 20 and 30 should I promote my product to? Which keyword ads should I purchase and for which search engines and portal sites? What are the purchasing habits of my target customer segment?

ROI Module
If you have been wondering about the results from you ROI analysis, the WebNibbler ROI Module is here to clear all your doubts.

When performing ROI analysis, most solutions base their analysis on the returned tags placed at the “Strike” or “Purchase” buttons on their transaction page. This often leads to misjudgments for the very simple reason that, we ourselves as online shoppers often do not complete the transactions for many reasons. Cancellations, returns, deal reversal, non-payments for examples, are common occurrences which distorts regular ROI analysis results.

Now those worries are gone. We deliver ROI results with accuracy like no other solutions.
The WebNibbler ROI Module helps you:
• Evaluate your ROI from the perspective of marketing, sales and users.
• Realistically evaluate the output of your campaigns and ad spending.
• Gain clearer ideas on how to enhance conversion rates of campaigns.
• Review the layout and content of website design so as to aid the effectiveness of campaigns to visitors.

WEPA is a professional solution designed to help e-marketers achieve one-to-one marketing. Based on browsing behavior analysis and basic personal information, specific content stimulation can be offered at specific time periods to specific customer segments in real-time, helping marketers optimize their performance and enhance customer satisfaction.

CCMedia provides various solutions, satisfying different customer needs.

CCMedia offers you the following:

  • Basic web analytics suitable for all enterprises and agencies using websites and customer interaction to offer products, services, and information
  • Real-time web traffic statistics (pageviews, visits, unique visitors, etc.)
  • Tracking of e-marketing effectiveness (e-mail, paid search, natural search, banners, etc.)
  • Recommendations for optimizing website content and framework (conversion analysis)
  • Professional customer segmentation analysis (target customer behavior analysis)
  • One-to-one e-marketing solution
  • Advanced and comprehensive e-business evaluation (revenue, ROI analysis, etc.)
  • Customized analysis report functions

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CCMedia is an active member of the Web Analytics Association, dedicated to developing more customer-centric products and leading the advancement of the entire industry.
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