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Our achievement comes from our customers' success

WebNibbler is dedicated to bringing maximum ROI to our customers. Our most valuable achievement comes from our customers' e-business success.

In the 48 years since Kyobo's creation in 1958, a philosophy centered on customer, business virtue, and product quality has been applied to life insurance categories, including annuity, education, health/injury, retirement, and variable, to develop services that customers enjoy and products of excellent quality and uniqueness. In 2004, Kyobo became the only company to receive the Customer Satisfaction Prize for five consecutive years, securing a place in the industry's Hall of Fame. The Korean life insurance market ranks seventh in the world with USD 42 billion annually. As a market leader, Kyobo has proven its close relationship with its customers by earning the CRM Prize in 2005

Hyundai Card
Hyundai Card's share in the credit card market has risen from 1.7% in 2002 to 10.1% in 2005, growing six-fold in three years. These numbers illustrate the results achieved by using valuable data from WebNibbler in creating unique marketing strategy.

Paran, the 5th largest portal site in South Korea , uses WebNibbler to integrate over 200 domain sites. The Korean portal website's service ranking vastly improved from 22nd in 2004 to 5th in 2005. Closer examination reveals that its e-mail division rose from 10th to 3rd place, its cartoon site ranked 1st, and their search engine and game site grew 5 and 6 times respectively.

Namyang Dairy
Namyang Dairy, South Korea's No. 1 dairy product company, offers online sales of maternity and baby products. After using WebNibbler and a real-time marketing solution provided by CCMedia, it launched its one-to-one online marketing program. Customer visit increased 15% per month, and online sales increased 10% per month between 2003 and 2004.

VIA Technologies
An enterprise leader in global IC design and personal computer platform solution, VIA Technologies believes the website is an indispensable tool for communication between each regional electronics market. With its own brand on the international market, VIA Technologies relies heavily on the power of the website to expand its global business. Thus, company websites design regional features and support multiple languages such as English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian. WebNibbler’s multi-site administration function fulfills VIA Technologies’ need of performing international market analysis, a key reason for its implementation.

Hana Bank
Hana Bank, ranked 3rd among commercial banks in South Korea, has achieved great success in offering personalized online marketing programs to its customers. WebNibbler, together with another real-time marketing solution by CCMedia, has greatly improved Hana Bank's e-banking services, rising from 12th to its current position within a year.

Samsung Securities
Samsung Securities, a major Korean brokerage trading firm with more than a million online trading clients, uses WebNibbler to analyze customer behavior and preferences through multiple e-channels, including website, Home Trading System, and mobile phone. In this case, WebNibbler has demonstrated its extensive ability to analyze customer behavior beyond what conventional web analytics tools can offer.

Samsung Card
Samsung Card, a major Korean commercial credit card company with over 100 web servers in over 30 countries, upgraded its web analytics solution from tagging- and profile-based technologies to WebNibbler, greatly reducing its web data processing time from 36 hours to 6 hours.

This major global technology company uses WebNibbler to integrate its web logs from over 300 web servers and 100 web domains for analysis. After trying several solutions, it chose WebNibbler as the sole solution for analyzing its global business activities on the websites. Samsung Electronics commented that the analysis results provided by WebNibbler were much more accurate than any other solutions they have tested.
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