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WebNibbler Enterprise Package

Optimize Your Marketing Arrangement and Multifaceted Strategy

WebNibbler Package offers advanced web analytics reports for you to enhance your website performance. WebNibbler Package is based on comprehensive visitor behavior reports, satisfying user needs for tracking the behavior of specified customer segments. Piggybacking flexible time and period comparison capabilities, WebNibbler also manages and evaluates multiple websites. In addition, WebNibbler Package provides complete online marketing performance analysis reports, enabling users to track visitor navigation and click path conversion as well as complete insight into online visitor behavior. WebNibbler Package is suitable for all kinds of websites, capable of meeting the various needs of e-commerce websites and large corporate or government websites in terms of both member segment analysis and also online campaign tracking.


ROI Module

Insights with Clarity on Ad Spendings

The WebNibbler ROI Module guarantees you 100% accuracy by using data taken directly from your “payments received” database. Performance analysis of banners, emails and even keywords are now accurate to the dollar. Combined with other reporting features including conversion analysis, in-depth click path analysis and keyword analysis, you now have in your hands a tool so powerful that it used to be available only to corporate users with massive budgets. With such capabilities, you no longer have to guess your strategies but instead have the ability to drive your overall marketing efforts with precision.

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